Injury Assessment & Diagnosis

Sports Injury Assessment and treatment tailored specifically for the individual with our bespoke services we can help you.


Rehabilitation massage aids in the management of both acute and chronic injuries. These benefits are valuable not only for athletes, but for anyone who has an injury.

After an acute or chronic injury to the musculoskeletal system, it is crucial you receive rehabilitation treatment to firstly, reduce pain, remove scar tissue and secondly improve mobility and strength.

At the Sports Injury Centre in Handforth, I use a combination of therapeutic techniques adapted to the individual. I devise a rehabilitation plan together with the client. This will involve 4 stages:

    • Neuromuscular therapy to restore neurological pathways to aid in reducing pain

    • Location, identification and treatment of trigger points

    • Postural and biomechanical correction

    • Restore neurological pathways

  1. Soft tissue/deep tissue massage to remove scar tissue and realign muscle/tendon/ligament length.

  2. Manipulation/stretching massage to increase mobility

  3. Strengthening exercises