About Us

The Practice was set up in 2003 and has grown and developed over time. We moved into a larger premises in April 2018 to offer more services.

Our mission for the future is to continue to provide high quality specialist care, conducted in both a professional manner and environment which takes full account of your needs and expectations.

Our friendly and highly experienced team provides a professional service with the necessary skills and experience in sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain, massage, rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

Our primary aim is to relieve pain and return people to their optimum levels of functional, occupational or sports specific fitness - regardless of age and ability - in the fastest possible recovery time.   This will mean different things to each of us – be it preparing for a marathon or triathlon, training hard in the gym or simply being able to sit pain free at work.  So whether you are injured through sport or work related activities we will use research-driven safe and effective personalised treatment methods to meet the needs of every client.

Rehabilitation and core stability training may also be part of your health program if necessary. It is one of the objectives of the clinic to ensure that whatever your health issue, you are accurately diagnosed and thereby directed to the most appropriate practitioner for your complaint or to a therapy of your preference.

We have a superb reputation as specialists in sports and musculoskeletal injury treatment - especially overuse cycling related injuries.  Our experience has been working with British Cycling, pro/elite women cyclists and para cyclists., professional body builders, pro rugby.