Sarah F. GMP Mounted Police.
I visited Caroline on recommendation, after 2 years of crippling upper back pain, for which I had seen 2 physiotherapists and a chiropractor, none of which could particularly identify the cause or alleviate the pain. I was very impressed, not only with the fact my back pain was eradicated within a couple of sessions (and has remained as such for 2 years) but with Caroline's extensive knowledge, dedication, and tenacity to get to the root of the problem. I have recommended Caroline to several friends with ongoing injuries or pain and they have all stated the same opinion. Caroline seems to look at the 'bigger picture' with regards to pain and injury and I think she is fabulous. I would recommend her services with the utmost confidence to anyone.

Rupes Kitzinger
Caroline was recommended to me by a running friend for my aches and pains from cricket. I am convinced that she adds speed and longevity to my season and has a genuine interest in me as an athlete and person and not just a client. Holistic by name and nature!

Andrew Ward
Caroline has magic fingers and keeps me moving. I regular go to Caroline for a sports massage as it helps keep me injury free. Caroline is great and although the sessions with her can sometimes be painful, as they should be!, I leave feeling a lot better.

A.C. Barker
I would just like to say a big thank you for putting me on the rode to recovery and your help has been wonderful. My back and knee are much better and I feel that I am now able to do the things I used to be able to do at a very affordable price.

Luke Haidinger, Personal Trainer. Ex Sales Shark rugby player
Caroline has been treating me for a couple of specific injuries as well as general wear and tear over the past few years. The results have been great! I have noticed very fast recovery times after injuries and there has also been a dramatic reduction in my overall muscle tension. As a retired professional rugby player, Caroline has helped me to get throw my injury and release the pain and bring me back to a normal. And as a Personal Trainer, I understand the important off a good therapist to help recover and get back on your feet ready to go again. Caroline is a great therapist with excellent knowledge of how the body works. I can wholeheartedly recommend Caroline to anyone.

Sue B
I highly recommend Caroline because of her friendly and knowledgeable approach. She is extremely experienced and her massage is always tailored to what I need on the day and I certainly feel the difference! She also advises me on specific exercises and stretches I can do to help my mobility between massages.

Nick A
Caroline has provided therapeutic massage to me for several years and during that time she has always successfully resolved whatever physical complaint I have had ranging from back to leg problems. I would highly recommend Caroline's services to anyone, she is extremely professional and a very good massage therapist.

Bryan Clementson
I repeatedly use your services. What better compliment could there be than that.

Liam W. GMP Mounted Police.
I used the services of Holistic Life following a lower back injury that was painfully debilitating and also prevented me from performing my job for several months. Upon visiting Caroline she quickly established the root cause and set about a treatment programme that resolved the problem within weeks. I have used the services of many physiotherapists over the years and would recommend Holistic Life highly, the no nonsense approach and diagnosis is without fault.

Peter Lewis
I have been visiting Caroline for over 7 years and cannot speak highly enough of the service she provides. As a middle aged man who should know better, Caroline has helped me with a variety of problems including Achilles issues, muscle tears and shin splints as well as my regular monthly MOT to keep me mobile. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Deborah Lewis
Having suffered with a bad back for 17 years, I visited Caroline at the recommendation of my husband. I had always resigned myself to the fact that I would be in discomfort but after only 2 sessions my back was pain free. That was 6 years ago and the pain has never returned.