In Japanese Rei is the creative expression of our universal surroundings. It is all that we see, smell, taste, touch, feel and hear. Ki is Japanese for energy or power. Ki is the life force energy that flows through our bodies, also known as ‘parana’ or ‘chi’. Therefore Reiki is considered to be a system of energy healing which guides 'Universal Life Force Energy'.


A Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy through their hands and recipients may be aware of heat emanating from the practitioners hands. Reiki helps the bodies natural ability to heal itself by removing blocks and restoring energy balance. It is also a useful tool for self awareness and can be used alongside other complementary therapies such as massage to enhance the treatment or alone as complete treatment.

Within a Reiki treatment the practitioner works on a person's seven major energy centres (Chakras). Each centre relates to and vitalises a different part of the physical body and has different emotional, mental and spiritual functions. The aim of Reiki is to balance these centres so that energy flows through them and they vibrate properly.

Treatment includes placing the hands above, or on, the head, shoulders, stomach and feet. In addition, other positions may be used for specific conditions the client may have. It often creates a wonderful radiance that is deeply relaxing and includes many beneficial affects for both client and practitioner.