What is TA?

Transactional Analysis or TA is an approach to counselling and psychotherapy that gives people ways of understanding themselves, their ways of thinking and behaving and how that has developed. Through TA we can also learn and understand how and why we respond, relate to others in the ways we do and how to bring about positive change.

The philosophy of the TA approach is based on the beliefs that:

  • People are okay
  • Everyone has the capacity to think
  • People decide their own destiny and these decisions can be changed

If you want to find out more about Transactional Analysis visit the Institute of Transactional Website: http://www.ita.org.uk

How I can help:

Wendy Priscott

I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals who are experiencing difficulties such as:

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Depression and low mood
  • Family and Relationship issues
  • Workplace concerns
  • Low self confidence
  • Surviving physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Anger management
  • Phobias
  • Adoption
  • Not fulfilling potential

What happens next:

Feel free to contact me by phone or email
Mobile: 07787 574076
Email: wendypriscott@gmail.com
All sessions will take place at Holistic Life Wellness Centre in Cheadle, Stockport

Initial meeting

It is important for both client and therapist to feel that they can work together so I will invite you to a free half hour consultation where we can discuss your needs and what you may want from therapy. If you do not want to proceed then I may be able to help you by referring you on to another service or providing you with further information.

Costs: £35 per session.

Further sessions:

All therapy sessions last for 50 minutes and are normally weekly. During your first session we will look to identify more specific goals and agree a contract.

I ask you to contract for six sessions after which we will review progress and agree what happens next. It is not always possible to predict the length of therapy needed as often emotions may arise that take time to deal with. Sometimes clients may stay in therapy for a few weeks, months or even years. We will review our work together regularly to ensure it is proving valuable.


All therapy I provide is confidential. There are some situations, however if I consider you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else I will break confidentiality. However, this is discussed and agreed between us at our initial meeting.


If you need to cancel please give 48 hours notice otherwise you will be charged for the session.