What You Will Learn in This Program

  • A complete understanding of Neuromuscular Therapy.
  • A complete understanding of Trigger Point Theory including trigger points, referred pain, and trigger point release methods.
  • How to precisely locate and release triggers.
  • How to employ Biomechanical principles to recognise which of your client's muscles contain trigger points.

Small Course Size Neuromuscular and Trigger point therapy courses are limited to small groups (max 4 people) so that you get the one-on-one attention that you need to learn the material quickly and effectively.

Introductory 1 day course

This workshop teaches participants how to feel for nerve impulses through myofacial triggers in soft tissue for the ultimate clinical effectiveness and treatment of pain. The freedom to customise a session to the needs of an individual client is the application of Clinical Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy in its highest form.

Please contact us for dates and availability.

Lower body 1 day course

This workshop will show you how to find and locate the triggers of the lower body including Piriformis.

Upper body

This workshop will show you how to find and locate the triggers of the upper body including Trapizuis.

1 day workshops cost £80
all 3 courses for £200
Certificate of attandance will be issued on completion of workshop.
Course requirement: Anatomy and physiology or massage therapy qualification.