Only Natural Ingredients In Our Skin Care Products 100% Natural = Chemical Free?

100% Natural

When looking at natural skin care products in the shops, they often give the impression of being free of nasties and good for you. That is... until we read their label. Most natural brands appear to contain some chemicals, synthetic additives, perfumes and preservatives. When research has clearly linked such ingredients to numerous skin & respiratory complaints, hormonal disruptions and even cancer.

What is different about Holistic Life Handmade naturals?

Vegan Product
Cruelty Free

Well, apart from the entire range being made by hand (from scratch!) in small batches every single ingredient is natural. Natural to us is everything that is not man-made, it is either found directly in nature or derived from plants (herbs, fruits or vegetables) and is beneficial to our body or skin.

We believe that body products should be available for everyday use and not a luxury. We keep the prices of our natural products ranges reasonably priced, so that you can afford to look after your skin, and yourself, naturally.