Client: Fell Runner

Problem: Pain was occurring in the groin during training and the day after a running competition the groin muscles were tight and painful. Cramp and tightness occurred when stretching and severe pain when rotating the left leg to the left and flexing the left hip.

Assessment: On resistive rotational movement and adduction of the hip, pain occurred in the adductor magnus muscle.  On palpation the adductor magnus and pectineus muscle was tender and scar tissue had formed.

Treatment: Deep tissue massage and soft tissue treatment was applied to the thigh area to remove scar tissue. Resistive and static stretch was applied during massage to help strengthen and stretch the shortened adductor muscles.  Stretching exercises were advised between treatments.After several weekly treatments there was only slight discomfort after a long run.

Results: Range of movement had increased in the hip with a greater stretch of the adductor muscles. The pain and spasm had gone. The scar tissue in the adductor magnus and pectineus had reduced.  He was able to run without pain. I advised regular massages and also stretching before and after running.