How you benefit

Sound, practical advice to incourage you and your body back to full health and show you can keep it that way!

  • Your current health concerns or symptoms and how they came about.
  • Your diet, medical and family history, and other factors such as exercise, stress levels.
  • Your objectives for nutritional therapy and how they can realistically be achieved within the constraints of your lifestyle and schedule.
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Following your consultation you will receive:

  • Full personalised nutritional plan that focuses specifically on your health issues.
  • Comprehensive dietary recommendations that fit in with your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Meal suggestions, recipes, practical guidelines.
  • Additional information which may help you achieve positive results.
  • Impartial supplement advice.

Is a nutritional consultation right for you?

Just give us a ring for a free initial chat - if we can't help, we'll tell you!